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Agro Solutions Group is a holding which unites several companies and organizations in the agricultural and environmental field.

Company has been founded on bases of the modern knowledge and approaches existing in the agricultural and environmental fields.

The group is composed of experts and practician specialists, who are focused on high quality services and products delivery.

The principal challenge facing the company in Georgia is the enhancement of agricultural and environmental sectors.

AS Group’s purpose is to import and implement the modern technologies existing in the field in order to improve the business environment in Georgia and rise the competencies.

Objectives of AS Group are the following:
•   To support the agriculture in Georgia.
•   To increase the awareness, competencies and deepen the knowledge in agricultural and environment.
•   To promote the sustainable development in villages and regions.
•   To discover the innovations throughout the world and share the best practice.
•   To implement and develop the modern knowledge of agricultural technologies in Georgia.
•   To promote the local production and export support.
•   To support organic farms.
•   To stimulate entrepreneurship and support the involvement of women, youth and people with disabilities.
•   To implement and develop the waste management practice in Georgia.
•   To develop agribusiness by considering the environmental issues.
•   To support start-ups and innovative ideas.
•   To stimulate sustainable business environment.

Agro Solutions Group operates on the market since 2015 and unites 7 different directions in the agricultural and environmental fields.

Commercial organizations:
•   Agro Solutions - Consulting and Management Company.
•   Agro Land - Real Estate Company
•   Agro Irrigation - Irrigation Systems Company
•   Agro Market - Online Store of Agricultural Products
•   Green Steps - Environment Consulting Company

Non-governmental Organizations:
•   Agro Solutions - Non-governmental Organization in the Agricultural and  Environmental Field


One of the objectives of Agro Solutions Group is to stimulate the entrepreneurship in youth and enhance their professional skills. This is why the AS Academy was established, where the youth are able to rise their awareness in agricultural field.

Experts and practician specialists of Group are fully involved in AS Academy. Its great honour for us to contribute in rising the awareness of youth.


Our team in composed by experienced, qualified and competent experts in the agricultural and management fields, they hold PhD and MBA degrees in Agriculture, Management, Finance and Marketing.

Team members have competence and experience to carry out educational activities among youth.

Agro Solutions has created a strong union of experts and professionals from various fields, uniting more than 100 specialists and experts, not only in Georgia, nut also internationally.

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