NPO Agro Solutions is an organization specializing in the Agricultural sector and Environmental Protection. With accumulated knowledge and experience in this field, Agro Solutions aims to implant deep and comprehensive knowledge into agriculture and environmental protection in Georgia. We are based on the knowledge and experience of our staff: we combine the resources of more than 30 agricultural engineers and specialists to Promote agriculture that is both efficient and respectful of the environment.

Our know-how is based on scientific knowledge and a perfect understanding of the field. It is our practical, realistic and nonetheless innovative spirit that guides our actions and makes it possible to drive the success of the challenges presented to us.


The most critical gaps identified locally are deficit of the the knowledge among farmers, individuals, and SMEs involved in the agriculture and environmental protection, and on the other hand, information asymmetry.

Accordingly, our organisation identified the necessity to:
•   Deliver and spread the professional skills and knowledge to the sector for sustainable agriculture
•   Import and share modern up-to-date approaches of agricultural field from all over the world to Georgia
•   Enhance farmers skills, potentials and adjusting their knowledge to raise productivity
•   Conduct practical researches and educational activities
•   Support SME and small farmers intensively to provide information about funding and development opportunities.
•   Facilitate the people living in rural areas to identify their region’s development potentials and business opportunities
•   Facilitation for the eradication of the information inaccessibility
•   Promote Sustainable Water and land use
•   Prioritize the Environment protection the top priority



Biggest challenge that is affecting the productivity of the agricultural sector in Georgia is lack of up-to date knowledge, technology and expertise. This makes it difficult for local farmers to be selfsustainable, to up-scale and to compete with imported agricultural goods.

We bring solutions to this problem by sharing the practical, effective solutions and consultancy for local farmers and SME. With the support of our partner organizations, International institutions, and other educational programs we have successfully shared practical solutions to over 300 farmers and SME-s in 14 different municipalities of Georgia


One of the main challenges for rural habitants still remains inaccessibility of the Information, that sometimes can be a game changer for SME and small scale farmers.

NPO Agro Solutions aims to create a credible organization, that serves as an informational hub to maintain information accessibility for the SME and rural farmers about all the available opportunities


In critically changing climate conditions, NPO Agro Solutions is here to correspond to the needs of a healthy environment. We believe that All industrial and/or business activities have to be implemented in parallel with environmental protection. 

NPO Agro Solutions' foremost goal is to raise awareness about environmental and climate change issues and to formulate the right politics and approaches both for governmental and private sectors.


our values

•   Support for SME

•   Promotion of Public-Private Partnership

•   Promotion of sustainable development

•   Transparency

•   Social inclusion

•   Fair competition

•   Ensuring the involvement of women and youths in different project especially in rural areas

•   Ensuring the equal participation of religious and ethnic minorities in various projects

•   Promotion of regional development

•   Guarantee of information accessibility

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