Agromarket represents agricultural products online store, offering the customers premium quality, sorted out product and on-site delivery service.

Our team has passed training courses in the Quality Management and technology of products’ proper storage/warehousing.

Agromarket already cooperates with AS Group partner farms.

From 2021, we plan to conclude the contracts with farmers, which means that the preliminary Agreements on production of the specific products, with specific quantity, sorts and of course the quality, will be concluded with farmers. Correspondingly, we will make an agreement with them in advance on the full purchase of their products. We will assist them in the process of growth and this will be managed under the supervision of our experts and specialists.

In the near future the network of Agromarket stores will be opened in Tbilisi, where the customers can comfortably get the best quality products at an adequate price and in full compliance with sanitary norms. Agromarket will be one of the incentives and opportunities for Georgian farmers to produce high quality, niche products. The company will unite agricultural grocery products -grains, fruit, vegetables, cheese, eggs, fish or meat from all Georgian regions.

One of the important fields that Agromarket serves B2B sales, where we will supply HORECA with high quality products.

Our goal is to establish the highest quality standards on the market. Accordingly, the customer will have a new form of demand and in the log-term prospective the Georgian farmers will start mass production of high quality, safe products.

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