November 8, 2020

Category “Farmer” appeared in the legislative space

Levan Davitashvili: "We are introducing a category “Farmer”, who did not appear in the legislative space." We started producing the Farmers Register a few years ago and the farmer was defined as a person who produces an agricultural product for sale. This is an important professional element to emerge in this category. This is appearing of an important professional element. People, who live in villages, become farmers. They are not peasants and they are the category receiving the social benefit, i.e. subject of the social assistance, which of course we still have.  Quite a large number of our population receive the social assistance and probably in a few years it will be continued so, as our Government bears a high social responsibility. We formulate a professional category. These people own the land legally, it is registered, they are in communication with the State, they become part of the Farmers Register and it is a prerequisite that they get certain benefits. You cannot name a single country where such a direct subsidy of agriculture is not provided. In all EU countries there is a specific benefit on 1 Ha, if the farmer meets these requirements.  Similar conditions are required in the EU and the farmer registration system which is introduced in our country, including the electronic program, is agreed with the EU and adapted to the EU. So this is the way, however a long-term perspective to succeed so that we can have more prosperity in rural areas and our agriculture to be more successful. It is necessary, very important, timely and consistent step in this situation,"- said the Minister of Environment and Agriculture Levan Davitashvili.
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